Criminal exploitation

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Are you being forced to commit any criminal acts?

Criminal Exploitation through forcing children or adults to commit criminal acts

Forcing an individual to commit criminal acts or to beg is a form of human trafficking. For this reason, it is vital to be aware of potential coercion in begging and criminal activities.

Forced begging or stealing by children or adults is a relatively unknown form of exploitation. The exploiter can be part of a criminal network, but could also be a family member of the victim. Prime examples include pickpocketing, shoplifting or snatching money from people at the cash dispenser. Any spoils collected are subsequently surrendered to the exploiter, who has a hold over the victim; for example, because they have their passport in their possession or are exercising pressure in any other way.

You may be a victim of this type of exploitation if you are being forced:

  • to rob people or pick their pockets, and are subsequently made to surrender the spoils;
  • to beg, and are subsequently made to surrender the spoils;
  • to burgle and/or steal, and are subsequently made to surrender the spoils.

Information for potential victims

Are you in immediate danger?

Please call the Emergency Number 112.

Do you need shelter?

Please call CoMensha on +31 33 448 11 86 or go to

Would you like to talk to someone about your situation?

Please call CoMensha at +31 33 448 11 86, go to

or contact FairWork at +31 20 760 08 09. for Whatsapp: +31 6 51 77 12 49