Support for under-aged victims

Support for under-aged victims

Particular attention should be paid to support for under-aged victims, including victims of grooming by pimp boyfriends. In addition to the facilities available to all victims of human trafficking, there are a number of special regulations and focus areas that apply to support for child victims.


Child protection orders and guardianship

Regular child protection measures and provisions apply to domestic underage victims and under-aged victims from EU countries ( Jeugdzorg Nederland: Youth Care the Netherlands). Nidos acts as a guardian for unaccompanied minor foreign nationals who may be victims of human trafficking.


The regular child protection facilities provided by Jeugdzorg Nederland are also available to domestic underage victims and underage victims from EU countries. Specialised shelter is also available at several shelter institutions specifically intended for victims of grooming by pimp boyfriends. The Azough Commission has drawn up a quality framework for youth organisations that provide specialised shelter and assistance to female victims of pimp boyfriends/human trafficking.

Secure protection is available to unaccompanied minor foreign nationals that may be victims of human trafficking. Nidos decides whether or not a minor foreign national must be placed in secure protection, which measure is taken at the slightest indication of human trafficking. Victims placed in secure protection receive a small, weekly financial allowance and are given health insurance cover.

For more information about shelter for all victims of human trafficking, please go to our Shelter page.

Criminal prosecution

During the investigation and prosecution, such as the hearing of victims in court, several special provisions apply to under-aged victims. The Instructions for Human Trafficking stipulates that child victims must receive additional protection during a criminal trial. In addition to the regular facilities and provisions, the following applies to under-aged victims:

  • If possible, the underage victim should be interviewed by the same people.
  • If possible, the interview should take place in a space which has been adapted or specifically designed for that purpose.
  • During the interview, victims may have themselves accompanied by a representative or by an adult of their choice (subject to exceptions).
  • If possible, video recordings are made of the interviews with the under-aged victim or under-aged witness, which can be used as evidence in the criminal proceedings.

For more information about the rights and regulations for victims of human trafficking during criminal prosecution, please visit the Criminal prosecution page.

Residence status

Under-aged victims of human trafficking without lawful residence status may make use of the same provisions as adult victims (please see Residence status). Nidos supervises unaccompanied under-aged victims when applying for a residence permit. Once the under-aged victim has been granted a residence permit, they may be entitled to shelter through the regular youth-care institutions. Once victims with a pending asylum application reach the age of 18, they will be sheltered at a regular asylum seekers’ residence centre. If the victim is not granted a residence permit, a requirement for the return of underage victims to their country of origin is that adequate shelter is available in this country.