Medical/mental health support

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Being a victim of human trafficking is a very stressful and distressing experience, which will often have traumatic effects. Victims of human trafficking may be impacted both physically and psychologically as a result of the exploitation. As such, it is vital that victims have access to both mental health services and medical care.


Victims of human trafficking are entitled to medical assistance and mental health support. Victims with lawful residence status are obliged to be insured under the Healthcare Insurance Act. Find out which costs are covered by basic health insurance. Victims who do not or not yet have temporary or permanent lawful residence status as a result of their reflection period or ongoing asylum procedure are insured under the Asylum Seekers (Healthcare) Regulations (RZA).


Naturally, victims of human trafficking may consult regular health-care providers in the region (such as general practitioners, the Regional Health Service (GGD), the Dutch Mental Healthcare Association (GGZ), MEE for individuals with intellectual disabilities, and so on) for medical assistance and mental health support. For information on regional organisations that can provide specialist medical assistance or mental health support for victims of human trafficking, please contact either the regional care coordinator or CoMensha.

Many sheltered accommodation organisations also offer referral for medical assistance or mental health support. The following organisations are specialised in the provision of medical assistance and/or mental health support to victims of human trafficking: