Legal assistance

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A variety of legal aspects come into play for victims of human trafficking; for example, including the victim’s testimony in the criminal prosecution of the trafficker, claiming compensation or settling legal aid issues. Legal issues may also arise regarding the victim’s residence status in the Netherlands and concerning immigration or asylum procedures.

As such, it is vital that victims of human trafficking have access to legal assistance. Due to the variety of legal issues in play, it is recommended to engage a lawyer or solicitor specialised in the assistance of victims of human trafficking.

The organisations CoMensha and FairWork (in labour exploitation cases) are able to provide support to the victim and/or offer advice on the process of the legal proceedings and will therefore also be able to make referrals to the proper authorities and/or a lawyer.


Victims of human trafficking who wish to receive legal assistance may be assigned a lawyer by the Legal Aid Board ( Raad voor de Rechtsbijstand). This procedure is conducted through the lawyer.

Find out more about victims’ rights during criminal proceedings.


The following organisation provide general support and/or information on legal assistance and the legal process: