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Many victims of human trafficking come from abroad. Victims that do not speak the Dutch language and require assistance when communicating in Dutch will be eligible to assistance from an interpreter.


The costs of the interpreter/translator will not be charged to the victim. Many shelters and asylum seekers’ centres will already have relationships with interpreters in place. The Federatie Opvang, for example, has a framework contract with the TVcN Interpreting Services, through which shelters may make use of low-cost interpreting and translation services.

In the case of ambulatory or itinerant victims of human trafficking, a reimbursement for interpreter services is available via the ‘Interpreters’ office for ambulatory victims of human trafficking’ managed by CoMensha. For more information and requirements, please see:

Victims are also entitled to an interpreter in court during criminal proceedings. The Public Prosecution Service is charged with informing victims of this matter.

The appointed lawyer may, if necessary, engage an interpreter or translator at the expense of the Legal Aid Board ( Raad voor Rechtsbijstand). The Board has contracts in place with interpreting and translation agencies for this purpose.

If you have any specific questions, CoMensha or your regional care coordinator will be able to refer you to an interpreting service or interpreter and/or provide information on the regulations regarding interpreters.