Veilig Thuis Brabant-Noordoost Safe Home)

Veilig Thuis Brabant-Noordoost (Safe Home North-East Brabant) is the contact organisation for CoMensha which reports cases of victims of human trafficking who require placement or care in the working area of Veilig Thuis Brabant-Noordoost. The area comprises 18 municipalities.

Veilig Thuis is also the contact organisation for the human trafficking division of the Brabant-Noordoost police regarding care provision. All victims of human trafficking, either sexual or any other exploitation, are included in Veilig Thuis’ care demographic.

What can Veilig Thuis Brabant-Noordoost do to help?

Veilig Thuis processes the case and contacts the key parties if necessary.
The organisation maps out the available details, takes stock of the required care and delegates the care provision to its partners. There are cooperative arrangements in place with shelter facilities in the region. Veilig Thuis takes part in a network consultation with chain partners that are involved with victims of human trafficking (including SMO, Emergency Accommodation in the region of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Verdihuis Oss, social work, police, the Regional Health Service GGD, Victim Support Netherlands and lawyers).

How do I get in touch with Veilig Thuis Brabant-Noordoost?

To contact Veilig Thuis Brabant-Noordoost, please call either +31 73 68 71 275 or the national helpline of Veilig Thuis on 0800 2000. For more information on Veilig Thuis, please visit

Services provided by Veilig Thuis Brabant-Noordoost

  • Care coordination