Victim Support Netherlands

We provide support to victims of human trafficking from the Netherlands and from other EU countries. That support is tailored to your personal circumstances. Victim Support Netherlands also provides assistance to witnesses and other parties. All assistance is free of charge and is provided locally.

What can Victim Support Netherlands do to help??

Do you need to talk to someone? Are you having trouble finding out how much damage you suffered? Do you have questions about the criminal trial? A member of the Victim Support Netherlands team can listen to your story, consider your options with you and assist you where necessary.

How do I get in touch with Victim Support Netherlands?

For more information about the types of support provided by Victim Support Netherlands, please go to To contact Victim Support Netherlands by phone, please call 0900 0101 between 09:00 and 17:00 from Monday to Friday.

If you would rather speak to a member of staff anonymously, you can take part in an anonymous chat on Monday (16:00-19:00), Wednesday (14:00-17:00) and Thursday (16:00-19:00).

You can also ask any questions on social media. Send Victim Support Netherlands a private message on Facebook or Twitter. All questions are answered within 24 hours on business days.

Services provided by Victim Support Netherlands

  • Legal assistance (for the victim)
  • Information about compensation
  • Financial support
  • Social support
  • Practical support