Violent Offences Compensation Fund

The Violent Offences Compensation Fund (Schadefonds Geweldsmisdrijven) provides financial support to victims of human trafficking in the Netherlands who have suffered severe physical or psychological injury and, as such, acknowledges the injustice that they suffered.

What can the Violent Offences Compensation Fund do to help?

The Compensation Fund is able to provide financial compensation of € 1,000 up to € 35,000. A victim may be eligible for such compensation if the victim’s case took place in the Netherlands, it was related to sexual exploitation, the removal of organs or human trafficking, and there was frequent physical violence or the threat thereof for a sustained period. In other cases of exploitation, the severity of the injury must be demonstrated on medical grounds.

How do I get in touch with the Violent Offences Compensation Fund?

To contact the Violent Offences Compensation Fund, please call +31 70 414 20 00.

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Services provided by the Violent Offences Compensation Fund

  • Information about compensation
  • Financial support