Public Prosecution Service (OM)

In the Netherlands, the Public Prosecution Service is closely involved in the investigation of human trafficking practices and is responsible for the prosecution of human traffickers. Alongside the police and other law enforcement agencies (such as the Inspectorate SZW, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, the municipalities and other relevant partners at either the domestic or the international level), the Public Prosecution Service is instrumental in the comprehensive approach to combat human trafficking.

What can the Public Prosecution Service do to help?

In addition to the criminal prosecution of perpetrators, victim care is a core element of the comprehensive human trafficking strategy. In the execution of its duties, the Public Prosecution Service provides professional support to victims in exercising their rights during criminal proceedings by informing, advising and supporting them. The following assistance is provided:

  • providing information on the progress of the case in which the victim is involved;
  • appointing a case coordinator to serve as a fixed point of contact for the victim;
  • providing assistance to the victim when exercising their right to be heard;
  • arranging victim interviews with the Public Prosecutor and/or advocate general;
  • involving an interpreter for the benefit of the victim;
  • taking cognisance of procedural documents, reviews and additions to the case file;
  • referring victims to the appropriate authorities.

How do I get in touch with the Public Prosecution Service?

There are various ways to contact the Public Prosecution Service (please see To contact the National Office of the Public Prosecution Service, please call +31 88 699 11 00.

Services provided by the Public Prosecution Service

  • Legal assistance
  • Support in relation to reporting crimes, criminal investigation and prosecution
  • Information about compensation