Emergency Accommodation in the region of 's-Hertogenbosch

Maatschappelijke Opvang (Emergency Accommodation in the region of 's-Hertogenbosch) offers support to victims of domestic and international human trafficking practices in the form of shelter and assistance.

What can Maatschappelijke Opvang regio 's-Hertogenbosch do to help?

Maatschappelijke Opvang specialises in providing shelter and assistance to people who have complex issues, who are homeless or who are in a violent relationship. Within its women’s shelters, Maatschappelijke Opvang facilitates the reception of domestic and foreign victims of human trafficking. In addition, we provide outpatient support in the region.
We look at the individual with their unique set of circumstances and work alongside them to set goals. Our professional and comprehensive approach allows use to help people achieve a life that maximises their independence. We believe in the benefit of learning and developing to our fellow man or woman’s position in society. The relationship between the client and the professional is always based on mutual respect and we, in turn, have faith in the individual strength, talent and potential of the people whom we encounter.
Maatschappelijke Opvang regio ‘s-Hertogenbosch has good working arrangements with various organisations for medical, legal and mental health support.

How do I get in touch with Maatschappelijke Opvang regio 's-Hertogenbosch?

For more questions, advice and registration, please contact Maatschappelijke Opvang regio 's-Hertogenbosch on +31 73 613 92 25 or send an email to meldpunt@modenbosch.nl. For more information, please visit www.modenbosch.nl.

Services provided by Maatschappelijke Opvang regio 's-Hertogenbosch

  • Shelter
  • Support when residing in the Netherlands
  • Assistance when returning to country of origin
  • Ambulatory care
  • Assistance in finding accommodation
  • Financial support
  • Assistance in finding employment/daily activities
  • Social/practical support
  • Support for children/parenting support