Inspectorate SZW (ISZW)

The Inspectorate SZW is responsible for the investigation of labour exploitation practices, which responsibility is placed under the supervision of the Public Prosecution Service. Whenever ISZW inspectors flag conditions of labour exploitation during their activities, these indicators are referred to the Investigations Directorate, which may choose to initiate a criminal investigation.

What can the Inspectorate SZW do to help?

The Inspectorate SZW follows up on reports of crimes by victims and subsequently contacts the Aliens, Identification and Human Trafficking department (AVIM) of the police to ensure that the victim can make use of the Residence Scheme for Victims of Human Trafficking. If necessary, the Inspectorate will engage CoMensha to provide the victim with shelter. Victims who wish to find new employment are referred to the relevant NGOs and trade unions by the Inspectorate. In addition, the Inspectorate may refer victims to NGOs, trade unions and lawyers if they have been faced with overdue payment of wages and other financial sums that are still outstanding.

How do I get in touch with the Inspectorate SZW?

To contact the Inspectorate SZW, please call 0800 5151 or call +31 70 333 44 44 from abroad. The most up-to-date information on the Inspectorate SZW is available at, on the general labour exploitation page (, on the page about reporting exploitation ( and in the brochure (

If you would like to report a case of labour exploitation in a situation where providing information may put you or a third party at risk, please contact the Criminal Intelligence Unit (TCI). All activities carried out by the TCI in relation to your report will be dedicated to the absolute protection of your identity. Please contact the TCI during business hours on one of the following telephone numbers:

Helpline Netherlands (west) +31 6 23 86 61 45 / +31 6 23 86 61 45
Helpline Netherlands (south) +31 6 10 78 21 17 / +31 6 10 78 21 17
Helpline Netherlands (north-east) +31 6 10 21 34 45 / +31 6 10 21 34 45
Helpline for Amsterdam, North Holland and Flevoland +31 6 83 12 04 68 / +31 6 83 12 04 68

Please find more information about the TCI at

You can also contact the National Intelligence Unit (TNI) on +31 79 345 89 99. Callers will be able to speak to a member of the TNI. The team member will ask you to outline the kind of information that you wish to share with the TCI in general terms. Based on that information, the TNI team member will assess whether the TCI is the appropriate authority to take up the case. If so, the team member will ask you to provide your name, address, date of birth and phone number. These details are not shared outside of the domain of the TCI and you will remain anonymous otherwise. The team member will then contact the TCI of the police unit where the crimes have been or are being committed. Members of that police team will contact you to arrange an interview. During this interview, you will be able to share all the information that you have in detail. If the TCI is not the appropriate authority, the team member will refer you to the appropriate organisation if possible.

Services provided by the Inspectorate SZW

  • Support in relation to reporting crimes, criminal investigation and prosecution