Victim Support Desk

As a victim, you can turn to the Victim Support Desk for any questions on the progress of the crime that you have reported. The Victim Support Desk informs, advises and supports victims throughout criminal proceedings. The Police, Victim Support Netherlands and the Public Prosecution Service (OM) work closely together on the Victim Support Desk.

Victim Support Desk: information and advice

The team at the Victim Support Desk provide you with information throughout criminal proceedings and offer explanations on your statement and case. This service may include:

  • information on whether your statement has resulted in a criminal case (investigation phase);
  • information on the follow-up of the criminal case (prosecution phase);
  • assistance in submitting a claim for compensation during the court case;
  • support when being heard during proceedings;
  • information on your presence at a criminal hearing;
  • information on the decision or verdict in your case.

Immediately after you have reported a crime and given a statement, your details are not yet known to the Victim Support Desk. As such, it is likely they are unable to provide you with information on the progress of your statement.

Victim Support Desk near you

For more information, please contact a Victim Support Desk near you. Your local support desk can refer you to the appropriate authority.