FairWork is a foundation committed to preventing and combating modern slavery in the Netherlands, making victims heard and providing them with support. The organisation focuses on human trafficking practices outside of the sex industry, more commonly known as labour exploitation. FairWork acts as a development centre for the detection of and assistance to victims of labour exploitation, as well as for campaigns and trainings for professionals.

What can FairWork do to help?

FairWork focuses primarily on victims of labour exploitation who have come to the Netherlands as migrants. Cultural mediators and volunteers who can act as a bridge between the victim and the Dutch authorities are key parties that put victims in contact with FairWork. FairWork informs the potential victim of their rights in the field of employment, protection, compensation and unpaid wages. FairWork also provides assistance in reporting crimes, returning to the country of origin, filing reports to the various institutions and referring victims to other organisations.

How do I get in touch with FairWork?

To contact FairWork, please call +31 20 760 08 09.

If you would like to contact FairWork by email, please send your message to info@fairwork.nu.

For more information about FairWork, please visit www.FairWork.nu.

Services provided by FairWork

  • Legal assistance
  • Information about compensation
  • Assistance when returning to country of origin
  • Ambulatory care
  • Practical support