Expertise Centre for Sexuality, Sex Work and Human Trafficking (ESSM)

The ESSM is available to people of all ages who have questions on or require care for and assistance with issues such as sexuality, sex work or human trafficking.

The ESSM offers a variety of services and products, such as:

  • Humanitas Prostitution Social Work (PMW);
  • De Lucia, De Tosca and De Xarah shelters for victims of human trafficking;
  • Door2Door information centre by and for sex workers;
  • information and training services, both for clients and for professionals.

Humanitas Prostitution Social Work (PMW)
Humanitas Prostitution Social Work (PMW) offers assistance to sex workers and victims of human trafficking in Rotterdam. PMW offers support to men, women and transgender individuals. PMW is the point of contact for youth prostitution. It also provides social services to sex workers (without a residence permit), care coordination services to victims of human trafficking in the Rijnmond region, and a transition programme for sex workers.

De Lucia, De Tosca and De Xarah shelters for victims of human trafficking

De Lucia COSM (Categorical Accommodation and Assistance for Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings) offers shelter and assistance to foreign female victims of human trafficking and their children. It serves as emergency shelter during victims’ reflection period (B8.3).

De Tosca is a shelter for adult female victims of human trafficking who live, work or have been found in the Rijnmond region, serving as an emergency shelter for a two-month period.

De Xarah is a housing facility that is open to victims who have been assigned accommodation by the municipality.

What can the ESSM do to help?

The ESSM offers psychosocial and practical support and care to victims of human trafficking. Clients are assisted in receiving medical care and legal assistance. In addition, clients may make use of the transition programme, in which they receive support in finding trainings and education (vocational training or language classes), work placements or volunteer work. In order to ensure that victims do not become isolated, they are paired up with a buddy. The ESSM also coordinates the emergency placement of victims of human trafficking from the Rijnmond region in shelter facilities within Rotterdam. Finally, the ESSM also offers a preventive programme to young people who are at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking. The ESSM offers support and emergency shelter to victims of human trafficking.

How do I get in touch with the ESSM?

To contact the ESSM, please contact +31 10 236 52 12 or send an email to

For more information about Humanitas ESSM, please visit

Services provided by the ESSM

  • Psychosocial support

  • Practical support

  • Information about compensation

  • Assistance when returning to country of origin

  • Support when residing in the Netherlands

  • Ambulatory care

  • Support when exiting sex work

  • Care coordination

  • Training of professionals

  • Providing information to vulnerable groups

  • Emergency shelter

  • Transition support