Stichting Wende

Stichting Wende is committed to providing support to people facing violence in dependency relationships – men and women as well as their children. Wende offers comprehensive support to all parties involved. Support may be as little as providing ambulatory care to those with relatively minor needs and as extensive as placing people forced to leave their homes urgently in a shelter, at a secret address if necessary. As these problems are often complex, they require complex care provision.

What can Wende do to help?

Stichting Wende offers assistance and shelter to anyone faced with domestic violence or other problems. Every type of violence within a relationship is categorised under domestic violence. This situation may include physical as well as psychological or sexual violence, such as beatings, humiliation, threats, verbal abuse or coerced sexual activity.

How do I get in touch with Stichting Wende??

To contact Wende, please call +31 70 392 57 74. For more information about Wende, please visit

Services provided by Wende

  • Legal assistance
  • Shelter
  • Support when residing in the Netherlands
  • Assistance in finding accommodation
  • Assistance in finding employment/daily activities
  • Social/practical support
  • Support for children/parenting support