Spirit Specifieq provides gender-sensitive youthcare for boys and girls who are dealing with issues regarding sexuality, identity, resilience and exploitaiton.

We provide prevention programs, information and support to boys, girls, parents and professionals on simple questions as well as more serious issues. Our approaches utilize on gender specific themes to promote motivation to learn and change and persistence until change can be made. If needed more intense and specialized services are also available in the expertise centers and shelters of Sprit.

Spirit Specifieq’s mission is to help boys and girls to develop healthy attitudes toward love, relationships, sexuality, and sexual limits that are free from coercions, abuse and exploration. Vulnerable youth frequently have problems with normal sexual development. They must often deal with social, emotional and psychological problems related to neglect, violence, trauma and loss. We take a gender sensitive approach to dealing with these issues

The main goal of the program is to promote a gender-sensitive youth care program that enables boys and girls to make safe and healthy choices to promote life-long resilience that will help them avoid becoming an offender or victim of sexual violence and abuse.

What can Spirit do to help?

We provide assistance and emergency shelter for those youth affected by human trafficking. In addition, youth, parents and professionals can access Spirits’ gender-specific expertise centre Opido (center for sexual resilience) for information, consultation and services. For more information, please visit

www.spirit.nl/specifieq and www.qpido.nl

In short:

Awareness sessions in schools for pupils, teachers, staff and parents

Awareness sessions for professionals

Consultations for boys, girls, parents and professionals

Counselling to boys and girls and if necessary treatment

Accommodation for girls: sexspecific (homogeneous) shelter in crises and sexs-specific living arrangements in (concluded) wards

How do I get in touch with Spirit?

For general questions about Spirit Specifieq or questions about gender-specific information and training, consultations and care, please contact Qpido:
+31 6 29 33 80 64

If you have any questions on gender-sensitive accommodation and treatment locations, please contact the service desk:
+31 20 540 04 40

Services provided by

  • Ambulatory care

  • Assistance in finding accommodation

  • Assistance in finding employment/daily activities

  • Social/practical support

  • Support for children/parenting support