MJD Groningen

The MJD offers care coordination and support services to all victims of human trafficking in Groningen. Although MJD primarily provides care to victims in the city of Groningen, it also takes on cases from the rest of the province.

What can MJD Groningen do to help?

MJD Groningen offers support during the legal process as well as practical and psychological support for the victim. In addition, the MJD is able to provide preventive help and care to young people when there are concerns that they are in danger of ending up in a criminal environment. MJD also offers social work for prostitutes in the red light districts of Groningen. Moreover, MJD Groningen provides assistance regarding the residence track and criminal justice track of victims, as well as regarding return to their country of origin.

How do I get in touch with MJD Groningen?

To contact MJD Groningen, please call +31 50 312 61 23 or send an email to info@mjd.nl.

Services provided by MJD Groningen

  • Legal assistance
  • Mental health support
  • Information about compensation
  • Support when residing in the Netherlands
  • Ambulatory care
  • Assistance in finding accommodation
  • Assistance in finding employment/daily activities
  • Social/practical support
  • Support for children/parenting support
  • Reunification with family members
  • Care coordination