Kadera Overijssel

Kadera is a professional, client-oriented and flexible organisation that plays a central role in society.

What can Kadera Overijssel do to help?

Kadera is committed to making domestic violence a thing of the past, and more importantly, to make sure that it does not occur in the first place. To this end, Kadera offers courses on prevention and expertise development for professionals, in addition to shelter, victim support, the personal alarm system AWARE and follow-up care. In this way, Kadera hopes to contribute to a society in which there is no place for domestic violence. Kadera is also committed to combating forced prostitution (pimp boyfriends) and honour-related violence.

How do I get in touch with Kadera Overijssel?

To contact Kadera Overijssel, please send an email to info@kadera.nl or call +31 88 422 24 95 (08:30–17:00 from Monday to Friday).

For more information on Kadera Overijssel, please visit www.kadera.nl.

Services provided by Kadera Overijssel

  • Shelter
  • Support for children/parenting support