Jeugdzorg Nederland

Jeugdzorg Nederland (Youth Care The Netherlands) is an branch association that unites the organisations in charge of youth care, the implementation of child protection measures and juvenile rehabilitation that fall under the Youth Act.

What can Jeugdzorg Nederland do to help?

If you are concerned or seek help for a (potential) victim of human trafficking/pimp boyfriends you can call Veilig Thuis (Safe Home) on 0800 2000.

In case of an emergency, the police may also report a potential victim or refer a young person who is in urgent need of placement to Veilig Thuis. In addition, victims may also access the youth-care organisations associated with Jeugdzorg Nederland through referral by a GP or mental health institution (GGZ), or through health-care chain partners. On the website of Jeugdzorg Nederland ( you will be able to find the contact details of youth-care organisations.

Youth-care organisations provide suspected victims of human trafficking/pimp boyfriends with shelter and treatment. The guiding principle is to align the provision of care with the needs and experiences of the young individuals, while focusing on socialisation and the roles and power relationships that play a key part in this situation. Parents and the individual’s social network are always closely involved in the process. In addition, youth-care organisations conduct a thorough safety analysis for the victim (in cooperation with the chain partners and parties such as the police).

The Certified Institutions, also members of Jeugdzorg Nederland, carry out the measures that have been imposed by the juvenile court. This court may decide whether children or young people require protection. If so, they are referred to supervised shelter or to a guardian via the Certified Institution. For an overview of Certified Institutions, please visit