Jade Zorggroep

Jade Zorggroep (Jade Care Group) works to provide displaced children, young people and victims of human trafficking with a safe home base, in which they can grow up, learn and develop into balanced and independent citizens of the world. Jade Zorggroep is committed to advancing the interests of its residents and employees by providing them with a safe environment, in which their own potential and talent are key.

What can Jade Zorggroep do to help?

Jade Zorggroep provides both underage and adult victims of human trafficking with a secure and safe place to live where they can rest and recover. Victims are supported on a track towards a better and independent life, after their resilience and confidence have been strengthened during their stay at Jade Zorggroep. The organisation provides its residents with support in various fields, including procedures, finances such as allowances and benefits, and many other practical issues. This support includes actively surveying the prospects of returning to their country of origin.

How do I get in touch with Jade Zorggroep?

Jade Zorggroep is available 24/7 on +31 592 379 444 or via email at info@jadezorggroep.nl. For more information about Jade Zorggroep, please visit www.jadezorggroep.nl.

Services provided by Jade Zorggroep

  • Shelter
  • Information about compensation
  • Assistance when returning to country of origin
  • Assistance in finding accommodation
  • Assistance in finding employment/daily activities
  • Social/practical support
  • Support for children/parenting support