HVO Querido/ ACM

The Amsterdam Coordination Centre for Human Trafficking (ACM) of HVO Querido is committed to helping women who are victims of human trafficking.

What can HVO Querido do to help?

HVO Querido’s objective is to strengthen its clients’ self-esteem and to provide them with wholesome future prospects. The aim is to help clients become aware of their own competences, strengths and knowledge, by providing proper education and information to ensure that clients are supported in the decisions that they make. Once clients are aware of their own potential, the conditions have been created for them to function independently. In addition, HVO Querido offers safe accommodation, psychosocial and legal support, and meaningful daytime activities. Furthermore, HVO Querido’s support and care services comprise registration of the number of victims of human trafficking, legal support and health care.

How do I get in touch with HVO Querido?

For more information or placement in a shelter, please call the care coordinator available.

Care coordinator Amsterdam, please call +31 20 62 63 800 or +31 6 1059 9458 or email: acm@hvoquerido.nl:.

Care coordinator for the Noord-Holland region, please call +31 6 1524 0136 or email: Zorgcoordinatie.Alkmaar@hvoquerido.nl.

Please visit http://hvoquerido.nl/acm/ for more information about HVO Querido/ACM.

Services provided by HVO Querido

  • Legal assistance
  • Medical assistance
  • Mental health support
  • Shelter
  • Information about compensation
  • Financial support
  • Assistance when returning to country of origin
  • Support when residing in the Netherlands
  • Ambulatory care
  • Assistance in finding accommodation
  • Social/practical support
  • Care coordination