De Rading

De Rading provides youth care in the province of Utrecht. The organisation works with children, young people and parents in order to find solutions to complicated and complex social and parenting issues.

What can De Rading do to help?

De Rading provides preventive care, as well as observation, diagnosis and treatment, to potential or suspected victims of human trafficking (pimp boyfriends) – either for outpatients or in combination with a short stay. They are able to contact Youth Care through the municipalities, neighbourhood teams, Veilig Thuis (Safe Home), Child Protection Services and other referral parties. In emergencies, the police may also report potential victims or refer a young girl who is need of placement.

  • Pretty Woman (a comprehensive care initiative of De Rading and U Centraal) provides information, advice and ambulatory care to young girls and women (aged 12–23) who have had, are currently in or threaten to enter into high-risk abusive relationships with men such as pimp boyfriends. In addition, Pretty Woman contributes to prevention in the form of information sessions at schools and consultation sessions for professionals in first-line care.
  • The Meidenhuis offers targeted observation, diagnosis and short-stay shelter. The shelter allows young girls a place where they can undergo diagnostics and observation in order to arrive at a recommendation for treatment/action.
  • Fides is a treatment group for young girls who are potential or suspected victims of pimp boyfriends and who are faced with a dependency dilemma. Treatment is provided in a safe, homely setting, in which the team works to strengthen girls’ self-image, to break the dependency relationship and to increase girls’ sense of social self-reliance.

How do I get in touch with De Rading?

To contact De Rading, please call +31 30 272 43 53 or send an email to

For more information about De Rading, please visit

Services provided by De Rading

  • Mental health support
  • Shelter
  • Ambulatory care
  • Social support
  • Support for children/parenting support