The Coordination Centre against Human Trafficking (CoMensha)/La Strada Netherlands is a national organisation that is committed to standing up for the rights and interests of victims of human trafficking in the Netherlands and abroad, including the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom. CoMensha provides insight into the nature and extent of human trafficking in the Netherlands on the basis of data registration. In addition, it coordinates initial care or shelter and identifies potential hurdles in the overall approach to human trafficking, recommending steps where necessary. Furthermore, CoMensha actively invests in fostering a better awareness of human trafficking and provides training sessions on identifying human trafficking practices.

What can CoMensha do to help?

The Coordination Centre against Human Trafficking (CoMensha)/La Strada Netherlands acts as an intermediary for and advises on the initial care, placement and assistance of potential victims of human trafficking. Registration for the Categorical Accommodation and Assistance for Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings (COSM) is conducted through CoMensha. CoMensha’s national help desk is intended for potential victims, civilians and professionals alike, as well as anyone with questions regarding human trafficking practices. The help desk mainly advises professional partners such as aid workers, shelters, law enforcement authorities, the government, lawyers and reception centres for asylum seekers on providing assistance to victims. It also answers legal questions on the reflection period, on the reporting of human trafficking offences and on residence permits.

CoMensha actively registers the details of all victims of human trafficking in the Netherlands. The data that are collected relate to the specific industry, country of origin, age and the person reporting the crime. This information is anonymised and used by organisations such as the Ministry of Security and Justice and the National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings to map human trafficking practices in the Netherlands. CoMensha provides recommendations for human trafficking strategies and highlights any obstacles and issues in policy. CoMensha works together closely with law enforcement authorities, aid workers, shelters, regional and national authorities, and international partners, also through the La Strada International Network and the EU Civil Society Platform against Trafficking in Human Beings.

How do I get in touch with CoMensha?

For the helpdesk of CoMensha: Please call +31 33 448 11 86 on weekdays from 09.00 - 17.00 hrs. or send an email to

For more information, please visit

Services provided by CoMensha

  • Registration of potential victims of human trafficking

  • Care coordinating in regions that do not yet have a care coordinator
  • Policy advice
  • Training and awareness sessions
  • National help desk