Bridge to Better

Bridge to Better offers assistance to vulnerable, undocumented foreign nationals, which include a great many victims of human trafficking, in their voluntary return to their country of origin.

What can Bridge to Better do to help?

Bridge to Better works with the victim to assess whether returning to the country of origin is feasible or whether they should find another place in the same country or a different country altogether. By using its own network, Bridge to Better helps clients to find another place than their former place of residence.
By conducting personal interviews and occasionally skills trainings, Bridge to Better prepares victims for self-reliance in their country of origin or in another country. For example, the organisation offers weekly group training sessions on starting a small business. Other, more specific workshops that are part of Bridge to Better’s programme include IT training, website development and using social media.

Bridge to Better takes the utmost care when dealing with these vulnerable people. The interests and welfare of the victim are the number one priority. If a case shows that the victim still has an opportunity to report a crime to the police, Bridge to Better works with a team of specialised lawyers to evaluate the victim’s options.

How do I get in touch with Bridge to Better?

For more information about Bridge to Better, please visit

To get in touch, please call +31 20 341 38 45 or send an email to

Services provided by Bridge to Better

  • Legal assistance for the victim
  • Assistance when returning to country of origin
  • Support when residing in the Netherlands
  • Practical support