Shelter - Question 3

What provisions is a victim entitled to who is making use of the Residence Scheme for Victims of Human Trafficking?

Victims during the reflection period

Adult victims who make use of the reflection period shall preferably be placed in Categorical Accommodation and Assistance for Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings ( COSM). Placement in a COSM shelter takes place via CoMensha. Under the Regulations on Provisions for Certain Categories of Aliens (Rvb), victims within the reflection period will be entitled to a monthly allowance set at the level of the social welfare benefit allowance in the Netherlands (paid by the COA). The calculation of the allowances is based on the standard amounts referred to in the Work and Social Assistance Act. This allowance is paid at the end of the month for the preceding month. With the exception of the category of Minor Foreign Nationals, the Rvb also provides insurance for medical costs in addition to a monthly financial allowance.

Victims with a temporary residence permit for the duration of the criminal investigation and prosecution

Under the Social Support Act (Wmo), victims with a temporary residence permit under the Residence Scheme for Victims of Human Trafficking are entitled to the same shelter as Dutch victims. In addition, these victims will have access to work, training and education under the Foreign Nationals (Employment) Act. If necessary, they shall also be entitled to social welfare benefits pursuant to Section 11, Paragraph 2, of the Participation Act.