Residence in The Netherlands - Question 2

I am currently providing support to an underage victim without a residence permit: what key regulations apply to this victim?

Regular child protection measures and provisions, such as the provisions of Youth Care The Netherlands, apply to domestic underage victims and underage victims from EU countries. Specialised shelter is also available at several shelter institutions specifically intended for victims of grooming by pimp boyfriends. Please click here for a list of certified institutions that offer youth care protection, as well as youth and parenting support organisations:

Secure protection is available to unaccompanied minor foreign nationals that may be victims of human trafficking. Nidos acts as a guardian for unaccompanied minor foreign nationals who may be victims of human trafficking and decides whether or not a minor foreign national must be placed in secure protection, which measure is taken at the slightest indication of human trafficking practices. For an overview of Nidos’ regional offices, please see