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The support process for victims of human trafficking starts with the proper detection of human trafficking practices. Frequently, victims will depend on people in their environment to escape from the situation of exploitation. As a next step, it is vital for victims to be reported to the authorities in order to ensure that they receive the appropriate help and support.

What to look out for

There are various types of human trafficking, such as sexual exploitation, labour exploitation or forced criminal behaviour. Each type has its own set of signals or indicators. Cases of human trafficking usually involve a combination of various indicators.

Whom to talk to

Human trafficking practices are not always easy to recognise. Please find more information here on whom to talk to in case you may be dealing with an exploitative situation.

Whom to report to

It is crucial that situations of exploitation are reported to the authorities in order to enable the prosecution of perpetrators and ensure that victims receive the appropriate help. The reporting of victims also provides insight into the nature and extent of human trafficking practices in the Netherlands. This information is used to improve strategies that address human trafficking.

Rules regarding notification and exchange of information

To ensure that as many cases of human trafficking as possible are reported, a number of rules have been established to govern such instances. The protection of the victims’ privacy is paramount when reporting human trafficking crimes. Various legal and non-legal frameworks have been drawn up for that purpose.