Criminal investigation

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Once the criminal investigation has yielded sufficient evidence, the Public Prosecution Service will begin prosecuting the offenders. The court case may be a very distressing experience for the victim. As such, the victim must be supported and protected adequately during criminal proceedings.


The Instructions for Human Trafficking stipulate that:

  • victims of human trafficking may not be prosecuted or penalised for criminal activities which they committed under duress as a victim of human trafficking;
  • victims are entitled to request from the court that it sentence the accused to pay damages;
  • victims of human trafficking are entitled to legal assistance from a lawyer free of charge;
  • victims that have an insufficient command of the Dutch language are entitled to an interpreter during court proceedings. Victims may request an interpreter from the Public Prosecution Office;
  • during criminal proceedings, victims of human trafficking have the right to be heard or to submit a written victim statement;
  • visual contact between the victim and the accused should be avoided, unless this procedure is in the interest of the victim;
  • calling the victim as a witness in an open court – with unnecessary questions being put to them about their personal life – should be avoided, unless this procedure is in the interest of the victim.