Informative interview

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Before a victim of human trafficking can report human trafficking offences, an informative interview must take place with the police. The purpose of the interview is to exchange information in order to ensure that the victim can come to a considered and informed decision on whether or not to report the offences.

The police will inform the victim of the consequences of reporting the offences. The victim is informed of the procedure to be followed, what they can expect from the police and the judicial authorities, and the impact on the suspect. In addition, the victim receives information on the Residence Scheme for Victims of Human Trafficking, the three-month reflection period (please see Residence status for more information), the reporting of human trafficking offences and the various support and shelter options available. If the victim decides not to report any offences to the police at the end of the interview, the Public Prosecutor may still decide to investigate the case ex officio.


The Instructions for Human Trafficking stipulate that:

· the informative interview must be recorded in a written report;

· the victim must be informed at the start of the interview of the fact that if facts come to light that constitute usable grounds for prosecution at any time during the interview, an official report of findings may be drawn up;

· the victim should in the interview be informed of their support and care options.

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