Criminal investigation

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The Instructions for Human Trafficking stipulate that all signals of human trafficking must be inspected, which means investigating whether there are adequate and relevant grounds and indicators for investigation. If so, those indicators must be investigated in consultation with the Public Prosecution Service.

Investigations of human trafficking may be carried out by the police, the Inspectorate SZW and the KMar, or by a combination thereof. The Public Prosecution Service direct all prosecution investigations.

Several other organisations are involved in addressing human trafficking practices. the Municipalities, for example, play a key role in the administrative handling of human trafficking through partnerships such as the Expertise Centre for Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling and the Regional Information and Expertise Centres (RIEC) and the National Information and Expertise Centre (LIEC). These partners are vital to an integrated approach to human trafficking.


All victims are entitled to proper and timely information. For example, victims who wish to be informed about the progress of criminal proceedings must be notified when the investigation starts, when it is concluded and when the judicial authorities have begun prosecution.

Financial investigation must be a fixed component of the criminal investigation, which may be of importance to substantiate any claims for compensation put forward by the victim.

The investigation must, where possible, be directed at the whole criminal network.