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Once the court has considered the accused to be guilty of human trafficking charges, it will pronounce judgement.

The court may sentence an offender to a maximum prison sentence of 12 years for human trafficking. If the victim is under age or if the offences were committed by two or more persons acting in concert, the maximum sentence is a prison sentence of 15 years. If there is a case of grievous bodily harm, the maximum sentence is a prison sentence of 18 years. If the exploitation has resulted in death, the court may impose a prison sentence of 30 years or life imprisonment.


Victims of serious crimes, including human trafficking offences, shall be entitled to information on the execution of any prison sentence (e.g. regarding any first release on temporary licence or definitive release of the offender) following the end of criminal proceedings.

Once Public Prosecution Service has decided to prosecute the accused, victims without lawful residence may be eligible for a residence permit for continued residence on humanitarian grounds. For more information, please see the Residence status page.

Following a successful conviction, victims will be entitled to compensation. For more information, please see the Compensation page.